Once you have developed your marketing strategy and set your goals, it’s time to get to work!


Your plan should start by re-evaluating your website and online presence. Do you have a website? Is it mobile responsive? Is the content current? Your website is the hub of your marketing, so it makes sense to make it the first order of business for your marketing plan.

“But I already have a website.” A website is never a “one and done” thing. Technology changes continuously, and there are always ways to improve your website to grow your business.

Social Media

A great way to promote your website, increase brand awareness, invite your community to events, and communicate with your patients and practitioners is through social media. With millions of people using platforms like Facebook every day, you are missing out on potential customers by not utilizing social media. Social media is a cost effective tool and necessary in today’s ever-growing digital world. If you already utilize social media, think about how you can improve your presence. Update your cover photo and profile picture to match your brand and be more appealing or subscribe to a posting program that provides relevant and interesting posts for your followers. Social media is dynamic and your presence on social media should be, too.

Print Materials

Although digital marketing has become increasingly important, don’t forget about print marketing. Brand your print materials to match your website and social media pages to improve brand recognition; this also adds professionalism to your marketing efforts. Print materials are essential for marketing calls. Because print is now used less due to digital marketing, the value of these materials has actually increased for those who share information using brochures and newsletters. Lots of people still prefer to read printed materials versus reading online.

Search Engine Optimization

If you have a website, social media pages, and a consistent brand image, but are still not getting traffic to your website or new followers on social media – what’s wrong? Potential customers may not be able to find your website. SEO helps search engines rank the pages which are most relevant based on a person’s search. SEO also includes making sure all of your information is up to date on sites such as Google Plus, Yelp, Foursquare, or social media. SEO is most effective as an ongoing plan and should be a continuous process. The first steps to implementing an effective SEO plan is to have a qualified professional company such as Storey Marketing evaluate your website and provide recommendations.
Storey Marketing will review your goals and strategy and work with you to develop a marketing plan that meets your budget and will promote your business online, in your community and in your pharmacy. To begin, call 814.337.3441 or email info@storeymarketing.com today!