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What You Need to Know About Website Hosting and Monthly Support

April 16, 2021

What sets Storey Marketing apart from the “budget” hosts

Our team is honored you chose Storey Marketing to design your website! We understand that there are many options available when choosing a website designer and we do not take your choice lightly. Whether you have hosted with us for several years or a few days, we want you to understand the value of our hosting services. We continuously monitor and upgrade our servers to best care for our clients.

NOTE: If you are not currently a Storey Marketing website/hosting customer, please schedule a time to discuss your needs with our experienced website consultant

If you were to do a quick search for website hosting companies and packages, you would find options ranging anywhere from a couple of dollars a month to over $100 a month. In the world of internet hosting, the old phrase “you get what you pay for” often could not be truer. Hidden fees are more standard than not and there is a good chance that the monthly fee you think is a great deal is only introductory or a base price. Basic hosting plans typically do not include regular crucial updates or tech support. So what sets Storey Marketing apart?

Here are a few key things that we do for all our website customers to ensure the highest level of security, optimal website functionality and exceptional support:

  • Our trained staff monitors our server each day and receives notifications of any vulnerability immediately. Possible threats are eliminated before your website is affected.
  • Our server employs some of the most stringent data security available, with active security monitoring by automated software systems and data center personnel. Currently, we have 4 firewall systems in place to protect your data and your users. We also never host websites designed by a third party. Allowing third-party websites opens our entire server up to unknown vulnerabilities.
  • Hosting of your HIPAA-compliant website forms that collect PHI (Protected Health Information) on our separate HIPAA-compliant server is included in all our hosting packages. Also includes the “HIPAA Certified Compliant” seal as a sign of your commitment to quality care and compliance with regulatory standards. You can host unlimited forms within your form portal and all records are stored for 10 years. A BAA is provided.  NOTE: If there has been a change of ownership within your pharmacy, let us know so we can update your BAA.
  • Google Analytics is installed on all sites we design and host. If you don’t think you have access to this information, just provide your gmail address and we will provide admin access so you can review your site visitor activity. Understanding what your website visitors do when they come to your site can help you plan future marketing efforts and plan website updates to enhance their experience.
  • FREE SSL – Your site shows the lock icon and https in the URL bar. Your patients and practitioners can feel safe visiting your pharmacy online.
  • All of our websites on a dedicated server housed in a secure US data center with 99.9% uptime.
  • Our Litespeed web server can be up to 600% faster than comparable servers.
  • Our responsive support team understands the importance of making prompt updates to your website. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we promptly posted announcements, procedure updates, changes to hours, vaccination/testing procedures and forms, etc. Providing accurate and timely information to your patients and practitioners is key to running your pharmacy smoothly.
  • We regularly and automatically backup your website in case there is ever a time where you need to recover lost information. All data is backed up regularly.
  • Routine Server Maintenance to improve the integrity of your site and our server. Our team actively works on server updates to help improve overall security and performance. Unlike many hosting providers, we constantly work to stay up-to-date with the latest technology standards. Our server always runs the latest stable version of PHP, a backend programming language that runs our websites.
  • If you have designed your site within the past 2 years, we developed the site in WordPress. Various plug-ins are installed on the site to enhance performance and security and are regularly updated and maintained. Plug-in and WordPress updates are regularly monitored and tested by our support team to ensure that there are no conflicts when updates occur and to catch any vulnerabilities which could lead to a hack. If you haven’t designed your site recently, schedule an appointment with our website consultant today!

Storey Marketing offers many options for hosting and can help to tailor a package to your specific needs. If you ever have questions or would like more information about our services, please contact us!


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