Should I add a blog to my website?

YES! Blogs add important and timely content to your website, which keeps visitors coming back. A well-designed and frequently updated blog facilitates SEO best practices. It can also provide content for your social media pages, strengthening your social reach and driving new website visitors to your blog.

A blog can help your business grow by connecting with your customers.

While social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+) offer a great way to communicate with your customers, adding a blog can help create an even more personal experience. Marketing Tip: Invite others to share (but not copy) your blog on their website.

No time to write your own blog posts?

Storey Marketing now offers blog posts. We will send each post to you via email, and you will be able to personalize the content for your pharmacy before adding it to your blog. $99/post, available monthly or bimonthly.

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If you don't have a blog, Storey Marketing can set up a WordPress blog branded to match your website.

Why Storey Marketing uses WordPress as our blogging platform:

  • Ease of Use - WordPress is known for their intuitive design. You can easily add blog posts on a regular basis and can be done quickly.
  • Support - WordPress offers excellent support, tutorials, plugins, and security updates.
  • SEO boost – If you frequently post your own articles to your blog, it facilitates SEO best practices and has potential to organically improve your search engine ranking.

We take care of the maintenance!

One of the advantages of having Storey Marketing add a blog to your website is that we routinely update your blog to the latest version to protect your security.

What does this mean for you? You will have more time to focus on running your business and spend less time worrying about the content and security of your blog because it will be up-to-date with the latest technology.

Blog Setup Fee: $300. This fee includes adding the blog to your website if Storey Marketing designed your website. If you used another web designer, we will provide the files and database for your designer to add to your website.

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Now, it can be a one step process because your blog or events can autopost to your social media pages.

With our “Blog to Social Media Autoposts ” service, Storey Marketing automates promoting your blog content to your social media pages. Your Wordpress blog (or events set up in a blog format) can auto-post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Flipboard, LinkedIn company pages, and groups such as Reddit. Posts will configure automatically for each form of social media, and provide a link back to your website for more information. Storey Marketing's "Blog to Social Media Autoposts" service will also provide the ability to schedule or delay the posts for a specific time. Social Media is a great way to get your message out, but we recommend posting content on your website first, then sharing it to the social media platforms.

Our “Blog to Social Media Autoposts” service is for businesses that have a blog, and complements Storey Marketing's Social Media Posting Program for Facebook (plus Twitter or Google+ if desired). Our Social Media Posting Program is turnkey for our clients. We write posts and send for your approval or edits, then post at key times throughout the month. Click here to read more about our Social Media Posting Program.

Blog to Social Media Autoposts

$299.00 setup and $49.95/year (subscription fee) if you already have a WordPress blog.

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If you don't have a WordPress blog, we charge $300 to set up a WordPress blog branded to match your website. See more information above, under BLOG SET UP.

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