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The lower front and entire back of each brochure are personalized with your pharmacy's information in black, including your logo, map, or even a photo!

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Brochures may be ordered individually (setup fees may apply) or as part of an economical starter pack. With a minimum order of #2000 of any one brochure, you may fully customize the entire brochure. Our standard brochures can also be CUSTOMIZED so they feature your photos (or choice of stock photos), in your colors with your modified text. This allows you to coordinate brochures with other marketing materials that are branded for your pharmacy. Coordinating booklets, ads, etc. available. Shipping is additional.

Storey Marketing can also design completely UNIQUE brochures to highlight your specific services.
Inquire for details.

To view the content of any of our brochures, please call Storey Marketing at 814.337.3441 or toll free 800.270.8878 to obtain a temporary password. This will allow you to preview the brochures prior to placing your order.


Hormone Therapy Brochures

Bio-Identical Hormones (HRT6P) Brochure
BHRT for Men and Women (HRT6P)
Bio-Identical HRT 8 panel (HRTGB) Brochure
BHRT for Women Only (HRTGB)
Restoring Vitality/Andropause (AND02) Brochure
Restoring Vitality/Andropause (AND02)
Thyroid Hormone Replacement, Adrenal Fatigue, CFIDS, & FM (THY03) Brochure
Thyroid Hormone Therapy (THY03)
Customized Hormones (HRT6PR) Brochure
Customized HT Men and Women (HRT6PR)
Bio-Identical HRT (HRT43W) Brochure
BHRT Short Version (HRT43W)
Spanish Bio-Identical HRT 8 panel (HRTGB-S) Brochure
BHRT for Women – Spanish (HRTGB-S)

Compounding Brochures

Pain Management (PAIN03) Brochure
Pain Management (PAIN03)
Wound Care (WC03) Brochure
Wound Care (WC03)
Dermatology (DERM03) Brochure
Dermatology (DERM03)
Sports Medicine (SPMED02) Brochure
Sports Medicine (SPMED02)
Dental Compounding (DEN03) Brochure
Dental Compounding (DEN03)
Palliative Care (PALL02) Brochure
Palliative Care (PALL02)
Pediatric Compounding (PEDS01) Brochure
Pediatric Compounding (PEDS01)
Podiatry (POD01) Brochure
Podiatry (POD01)