Build an Audience Faster with Pay-Per-Click

You have a great new website with custom content about your specific services, now what? In order to get new viewers to your products/services faster, you may want to start running a per-per-click campaign. Below are 5 tips for your Pay-Per-Click endeavors:

  1. Focus on specific service areas – By focusing it allows you to narrow the search results and create ads/landing pages for a specific topic. For example, if someone searches “Pain Management” and is directed to a generic page, they are more likely to leave than if they are directed to a page about pain.
  2. Call-to-Actions – Make sure your landing pages have a specific goal whether that is filling out a form or contacting the pharmacy directly.
  3. Emphasize Your Services – The point of all landing pages is to provide valuable information to viewers and show your corresponding services. Make sure your landing pages cover both.
  4. Keep your online forms short – All forms should only ask for information that is needed to follow up on specific services.
  5. Keep it short – While content is important, the over utilization of text can intimidate viewers.

Storey Marketing builds successful pay-per-click campaigns specifically for compounding pharmacies. If you would like more information contact us today.