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Can be purchased separately ($1799 plus $175 for OPTIONAL Sterile Compounding section) for easy integration into an existing website ($399 annual fee after first 6 months for regular updates) Compounding Content is practitioner-oriented and includes 15 sections with links to PubMed References (What is Compounding?, Pain Management, Hormone Therapy for Women, Hormone Therapy for Men, Adrenal Dysfunction/Thyroid Imbalance, Dermatology, Palliative Care, Pediatrics, Podiatry, Sports Medicine, Wound Care, Miscellaneous, Dentistry, Veterinary, and Unavailable Medications) plus OPTIONAL Sterile Compounding section.

Over 200 web pages of information describe the benefits of compounded medications, with direct links to PubMed abstracts, providing 24/7 access to references from the medical literature that document the value of customized medications.

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Compounding Content for Patients

Hosted and regularly updated, covers 10 topics, with a feature article and photo that changes each month. $499 and $100 per year for the updates.

Women's Health Content

Multiple sections of Women's Health content (Hormone Therapy, Adrenal Dysfunction and Chronic Stress, Thyroid Imbalance, Postpartum Care, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, Skin Care, Hormone Testing, For the Man in Your Life) can be added to a compounding pharmacy or medical practice website. Content only - 9 sections - $799.

Compounding News

A new article is automatically added to your website each month, and our system archives past articles, and is indexed and searchable. Available in General Compounding ($249 per year for 12 articles) and Veterinary ($125 per year for 6 articles).

WEEKLY Health News

Weekly health columns from Storey Marketing are also available as an online version. Articles are automatically added to your website, are indexed and searchable, and past articles are archived. $399 per year for 56 articles or $599 for print and online subscription.

Email Newsletters

Permission-based email sign-up “box” design and establish of database ($175), custom email newsletter template design (“website match” $125), and monthly email newsletters (content is placed in your template and automatically sent to the designated category in your database, starting at $75/month). Encourage your website visitors to sign up to receive your FREE newsletters, health tips, and special offers by placing a sign-up box on your website. Signups can be segmented into various lists for targeted marketing. In addition to sending newsletters, you can email invitations to seminars, alert patients and practitioners about new services, attract followers to your social media pages and send an immediate response to media events or articles that are published in the medical literature. Requires a separate subscription to Constant Contact, an Email Management Program. Click here for a free trial!