The Powers of Using Social Media (The Right Way)

Love it or hate it, most of us access social media every day and spend more time on social media than watching TV (2.5 hours per day). From an influence standpoint, social media is THE source, and current stats show that a whopping 90% of brands use social media to increase brand awareness.

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What You Get Each Month With Storey Marketing

Our posting program for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provides 14 carefully-crafted posts about general health information, nutrition, and compounding, and a coordinating photo or graphic – each designed for maximum engagement on each platform. Each month, you are sent the posts to preview prior to posting.

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Keeping Up With Social Media So You Don’t Have To

There’s no question it’s an important business strategy, but who has time to keep up with all the tweeting and posting? Our social media strategists do the work for you so you can tend to your other business needs!

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Social Media Advertising

In addition to social media posting services, we can also boost your social media marketing efforts with Facebook and Instagram ads. These ads make it even easier to reach your target audience with the right message.

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Connect, Grow & Become An Industry Influencer

Storey Marketing can help you grow a loyal customer base, connect with and educate the public. Most importantly, we put our experience to use and do so in a professional, responsible and respectful manner, without violating patient privacy.

Advantages of a Strong Social Media Presence:

  • Cost effective (sometimes “free”) marketing
  • Increases inbound & organic traffic to your website
  • May help improve your search engine rankings
  • Enables real-time interaction with your customers
  • Improves brand loyalty by building stronger relationships
  • Helps you target hyper-specific audiences
  • Creates a brand identity & positive brand association

Our Social Media Posting Program, Created For You

Storey Marketing’s posting program for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provides 14 carefully-crafted posts each month. The posts can be about general health information, nutrition, or compounding and a coordinating photo or graphic. Each month you have the opportunity to preview the posts prior to them being scheduled. The posts are randomly posted on various days and times with the exception of specific holidays and dates of recognition.

With Storey Marketing’s posting program, you always have the ability to manage your social media pages. We encourage you to post throughout the month as opportunities arise within your business and your community – the more attention the better!

Social Media Posting Program Rates:

Social Media Posting Program:

  • $75 Setup Fee
  • $125 for Instagram and Facebook
  • $175 for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Social Media Page Creation:

  • $299 for Facebook
  • $199 for Instagram
  • $149 for Twitter

Social Media Rebranding for Existing Pages:

  • $199 for Facebook
  • $149 for Instagram
  • $99 for Twitter

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Join the thousands of businesses who are finding success by marketing on social media. Each month with your preview, you will receive a free Social Media Marketing Tip from Storey Marketing!

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