New social media platforms pop up every day, but one thing remains the same: Facebook is still king. It’s the social media platform of choice for most businesses to increase sales and leads. In August, Facebook passed a huge milestone – more than 1 billion users logged into the social media platform in a single day. Additionally, Instagram, which is connected to Facebook, now has more than 700 million users and the community is still growing. And the engagement rate on Instagram is higher than the engagement rate on any other social media platform.

If you don’t post and advertise on Facebook and Instagram, you miss out on the massive opportunity to reach millions of people. Facebook and Instagram advertising is the most targeted form of advertising, so you can reach your exact audience. It’s much more affordable than other forms of advertising: it’s fast, increases brand awareness, increases website traffic, and improves your SEO rankings. Facebook and Instagram Ads build engagement; increase word-of-mouth referrals; can drive repeat business; and increase revenue, sales, and leads.

Social media ads can be used to promote compounding services like Pain Management and Hormone Balance, lines of private-label supplements, specialty product lines that may be available locally only in your pharmacy, essential oils, skincare products, cosmetics, etc.


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Through our Facebook and Instagram Ads Program, Storey Marketing will work with you to create ad copy that is sure to entice new customers.

Facebook and Instagram Ads Program/Management Fees

  • Set up fee starts at $475. Setup fee includes management for 1st month (up to two ads on one topic, posted on both Facebook and Instagram)
  • Ongoing management fee starts at $275/month. Ongoing management fee includes up to two ads on one topic, and monthly reporting.

Management fees are in addition to the Facebook/Instagram Ad spend. We recommend a minimum Facebook/Instagram Ad spend of $250/month. Facebook/Instagram spend might not always reach this budget, but it will never exceed this budget.
Three month minimum commitment required.

Additional topics can be added after the first month, so you can run ads on multiple topics in the same month.

  • $475/month (min.) for management of ads on 2 topics running in the same month
  • $375 (min.) one-time setup fee for ads on second topic

NOTE: An Instagram Business Profile is required in order to advertise on Instagram. If you do not already have an Instagram Business Profile, Storey Marketing can create one for you for a one-time fee of $75.

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