How-To Increase your Pharmacy’s Conversions with Social Media

Social media is a valuable and dynamic marketing tool that almost every pharmacy should be taking full advantage of. Whether you are building a community around your brand creating a personal line of communication with your patients and practitioners boosting awareness of your pharmacy’s products/services educating your patients and practitioners  as to why you are […]

The Hidden Costs of Cheap Pharmacy Websites

Ditch DIY, templated website builders, and disjointed efforts from inexperienced developers. Your pharmacy deserves better. As a pharmacy professional, your time is incredibly valuable, and you likely lack the time and brain space to concern yourself with a poorly developed website. More importantly, having a website that doesn’t abide by proper HIPAA and patient security […]

5 Keys to Increasing your Pharmacy’s Social Searchability

As social media marketing continues to evolve, pharmacies must make it a point to adapt and not get lost in the crowd. Patients have increasingly become more reliant on using social platforms as a means of discovering potential solutions to their pain points. If you own a pharmacy, it is important to understand that your […]

Generate More Google Reviews for Your Pharmacy

Generating more Google reviews for your Pharmacy can be a HASSLE. But the cold hard data has proven time and time again that this necessary beast can make or break your business. The genuine experiences shared from your patients have the potential to benefit you and your team tremendously. Great Google reviews can actually help […]

Beginner’s Guide to Pharmacy Video Marketing

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Creating and sharing video content for your pharmacy may very well be the next big move for your overall GROWTH. Studies actually show that brand association dramatically increases after someone watches even just one video from your pharmacy, and according to HubSpot, 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by […]

UPGRADE Your Pharmacy’s Blog with These Key Tips

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Every Pharmacy should have a blog that they actively update. Among a wide range of benefits, blogging: enhances your website visitors’ experience by making your expertise more accessible and may even turn them into loyal patients. is a cost-effective method of boosting your search rankings organically.  and activates thought leadership within the pharmaceutical community. […]