Hosting with HIPAA Certified Compliant Forms / Editing / Analytics

Domain Name

Do you already have a domain name (e.g., If not, we can help you select one and register it for you, in your name, for $99 which includes a 3 year registration with GoDaddy.

Why Host with Storey Marketing?

Your host maintains your website files on the internet. We discourage the use of budget hosts that can result in slow loading of websites and significant down time.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting
HIPAA Compliant hosting

for forms that collect PHI (Protected Health Information), and inclusion of the "HIPAA Certified Compliant" seal as a sign of your commitment to quality care and compliance with regulatory standards

Reliable Hosting

Storey Marketing has a dedicated server housed in a secure data center, with 99.9% uptime.

Fast load time

Our Litespeed web server can be up to 600% faster than comparable servers running Apache, the most common web server software on the Internet.

Certified Health IT Security Professional Seal

Our server stays up-to-date with the latest patches & upgrades. We continuously strive to improve overall security to prevent against malicious attacks and perform routine maintenance across all hosted websites.

Automatic Backups

All data is backed up nightly, and weekly and monthly backups are maintained for data redundancy.

Our server employs some of the most stringent data security available, with active security monitoring by both automated software systems and data center personnel.

When Storey Marketing designs and hosts your website, we include our basic SEO package upon completion of your website design. See for more information about ongoing SEO programs.

Hosting Fees

  • $35 per month for hosting a website with up to 5 email addresses (each mailbox has a 200MB limit and POP3 protocols must be used)
  • $40 per month for hosting a website with up to 10 email addresses
  • Plus $5 per month to host each additional group of up to 5 email addresses

If Storey Marketing designs your website, but you opt NOT to host with us, there is a $149 annual fee for form hosting on our HIPAA Certified Compliant server, to safeguard Protected Health Information.


Storey Marketing’s Content Management System (CMS; editing system) allows you to easily edit all of your content pages (except forms or feeds such as hosted compounding content) from any computer as often as you wish without the need to purchase editing software. Simply log in to the CMS, make your changes, and post!

Frequently website updates encourage your visitors to regularly visit your site. Search engines also increase their indexing frequency based on how often they detect changes to your website content, so regularly adding fresh content can help with your search engine page ranking.

Editing Fees

Editing is $25 per month in addition to your hosting fee, or $35 per month plus a one-time set up fee of $75 if you do not host with Storey Marketing.

Google Analytics

If we design your website and you host with Storey Marketing, we will add Google Analytics to your website for no additional fee. Google Analytics system is, by far, the most powerful, people-friendly statistical data collection system available for websites and Google does not charge for this tool. Google Analytics provides a wide variety of information including the number of visits, the average amount of time spent on the site (or page), visits per page, the location of the visitors, how they arrived at your website (such as if they entered the domain name in their browser or if they followed a link) and more.