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Market your vast knowledge with Weekly Health Columns for newspapers, local magazines, etc. And here’s some exciting news – you now have the option to promote your expertise online!

Fun Fact: Storey Marketing started with Health Columns and our origin product continues to be a star!

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Weekly Health Columns For Your Business

Weekly Health Columns (Health News) are available exclusively to one pharmacy or consenting group of pharmacies in a demographic area. Online use is authorized only by additional online subscription from Storey Marketing. To provide quick access by your staff and community, offer an online archive of your most recent articles.

Health News articles are also available in an online format that can be added to your website. Storey Marketing will regularly update the online article archive, which will automatically load to your site allowing visitors to view recent health columns and previously archived articles. Even better, the content is indexed and searchable!

Pricing & Delivery Breakdown:

  • Less than $8 per week for newspaper or $12 per week for newspaper and archived on your website.
  • $399/year (56 articles), $239/6 months or $119/3 months.
  • $599/year for online access and newspaper subscription.
  • $399/year (56 articles) for online access only.
  • 14 articles are delivered every 3 months to respond to current health topics. Each quarter, an extra article is sent to allow you to customize your marketing.
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  • Available exclusively to one pharmacy per demographic area (the principal circulation area of the newspaper you use).

You will receive your health columns by email as a Word document.

Your newspaper will insert your name, photo/logo and pharmacy information each week.
You can also add space at the bottom of each health column to advertise screenings or promote your professional services.

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