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Social Media Posting Program

$200.00$250.00 ea

Storey Marketing’s posting program each month for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provides 14 carefully-crafted posts. The posts can be about general health information, nutrition, or compounding and a coordinating photo or graphic. You can preview posts each month prior to them being scheduled to post.

You will be billed the one time setup fee and one month to begin. You will then be converted to our standard quarterly billing.

Social Media Posting Program:
$75 Setup Fee
$125 for Instagram and Facebook
$175 for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
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Keeping Up With Social Media So You Don’t Have To

There’s no question it’s an important business strategy, but who has time to keep up with all the posting and tweeting? At Storey Marketing, we are here to help. Our social media strategists do the work for you so you can tend to your other business needs!

With Storey Marketing’s posting program, you always have the ability to manage your social media pages. We encourage you to post throughout the month as opportunities arise within your business and your community – the more attention the better!

Social Media Advertising

In addition to social media posting services, we can also boost your social media marketing efforts with Facebook and Instagram ads. These ads make it even easier to reach your target audience with the right message.