Social Media

Why Social Media?

Most adults access social media every day or most days of the week, and spend more time on social media than watching TV. It can be a full-time job to keep up with continuous changes to social media platforms, but Storey Marketing's social media strategists do the work for you so you can tend to your other business needs!

A solid social media marketing plan is ESSENTIAL to an effective marketing campaign in 2018. Storey Marketing can help you grow a loyal customer base and connect to and educate the public. And very importantly, Storey Marketing does so in a professional, responsible, and respectful manner, without violating patient privacy.

Social media:

  • Is cost effective.
  • Increases inbound traffic to your website.
  • May help improve your search engine rankings.
  • Enables interaction with your customers.
  • Improves brand loyalty by building stronger relationships.
  • Helps you target specific audiences.
  • Creates a brand identity and positive brand association.

Social Media Posting Program

Each month, Storey Marketing’s posting program for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provides 14 carefully-crafted posts about general health information, nutrition, and compounding, and a coordinating photo or graphic. You can preview posts with the ability to edit them at no extra cost!

You may also ask us to remove posts if they are not pertinent to the products and services your pharmacy provides, but we do not supply replacement posts. However, you are welcome to provide your own replacement post(s) and graphics(s) that we can post on your behalf, as long as the total number of monthly posts does not exceed 14.

With Storey Marketing’s posting program, you retain the ability to manage your social media pages, and we encourage you to post throughout the month as opportunities arise within your business and your community.

The rates for our packages are as follows:

Social Media Posting Program:

  • - $125 for Instagram and Facebook
  • - $175 for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Social Media Page Creation:

  • - $150 for Facebook
  • - $75 for Instagram
  • - $75 for Twitter

Social Media Rebranding for Existing Pages:

  • - $125 for Facebook
  • - $50 for Instagram
  • - $50 for Twitter

Join the thousands of businesses who are finding success by marketing on social media! And each month, get a free Social Media Marketing Tip from Storey Marketing!

Email or call 814.337.3441 with any questions today!