The Importance of Online Reviews for Your Pharmacy

Your pharmacy’s online reputation has a large impact on your search ranking as well as your viewer’s initial trust. One of the best ways to build an online reputation is by getting online reviews within the major review platforms such as Google, yelp! and Facebook. This blog post will go over handling positive and negative reviews as well as steps to ensure your pages are setup correctly.

Why Are Reviews Important?

  • Reviews are shown directly in search results and can be valuable feedback on a specific company
  • You can’t opt out of reviews. Whether or not you are managing your online reputation, customers can still review your company.
  • Higher rated businesses show higher in search results.
  • Replies to negative reviews can show responsiveness to any problems.

Positive & Negative Reviews

Whether a customer is satisfied or dissatisfied, they are now able to take their experience straight to the web. If the customer expresses a positive experience, the review can be amplified on the web and social media to encourage others. But when the experience is negative, companies need to respond quickly. This needs to be done for the customer who left the review, but perhaps more importantly, for everyone else reading the reviews after.

Steps to Take

  1. Claim Your Business Pages/Brand
    First and foremost, you will need to verify your business on the platforms below and brand them to your business. Click here to find out how Storey Marketing can help with this portion.
  2. Manage Previous Reviews
    Look through each review of your business to find opportunities to promote or comments needing responses.
  3. Promote Customer Reviews
    Utilizing printouts, bag clippers, a sign, or anything that promotes online reviews can help gain more reviews.
  4. Manage Reviews Ongoing
    Make sure that once your account is setup, you are being proactive with your review process and are promoting any positive reviews.

You can manage your business reviews or allow others to brand your business without you. The goal of online testimonials is to mitigate any issues and build your pharmacy online. By following the steps above, you will have a great start to build an online reputation.