Everything You Need To Know About Our Website Design Strategy

How Much Does A Website Cost?

The starting cost for a mobile-responsive website is $4,500. The website includes 16 sections of hosted compounding content for compounding pharmacies or several unique service pages for physicians and community pharmacies. Storey Marketing will provide a quote for a customized website that includes the specific features that you select.

Will My Website Incur Ongoing Fees?

All websites, regardless of the designer, have monthly fees for hosting and domain-associated email. Some sites designed by Storey Marketing have ongoing fees associated with regular updates for content – such as a $399 annual fee for regular updates to hosted compounding content. Certain Premium Services (monthly newsletters or compounding articles) have annual subscription fees. We will provide a quote for ongoing fees along with your design quote.

Will My Website Be Unique?

Yes, of course! Every website we develop is unique and we will suggest a mobile-responsive design that will best accommodate the features you wish to include. We will provide a mockup of your homepage for your approval before we begin designing your website.

How Long Is The Design Process?

First, you will need to designate one individual to be our contact. Then we will provide a list of the information we need based on the features you select (such as your logo, photos, bios and the content that is unique about your services or pharmacy/practice). It should take you or your staff member about 4-8 hours of concerted effort to gather the information we need for the typical website. Once we have all of your information, your website design will be complete in about 30 business days.

How Do I Get Started?

You can call 800-270-8878 or 814-337-3441, email info@storeymarketing.com, or order online to begin today!

How Do I Get Information For My Website To Storey Marketing?

All you have to do is email your logo, photos and any other information you wish to include.

How Is The Website Updated After It's Designed?

You will be provided administrative access to edit your website once it is launched. If you prefer, our team can can make the changes for you. Simply email your updates and we will provide a quote to make the updates. Most updates are completed within 2-3 days. Hosted Compounding Content, News Feeds and other content feeds are regularly updated by Storey Marketing on a subscription basis, so that new information is frequently added to your website.

Does Storey Marketing Offer SEO/SMO Services?

Yes! Our in-house Search Engine Optimization/Social Media Optimization experts keep up with the continual changes to the search engine algorithms and priorities. We can optimize your website and social media presence so that patients/practitioners can easily find your information.

Can Storey Marketing Brand Other Items To Coordinate With My Website Once It Is Finished?

Once again, yes! Storey Marketing can customize print products and presentation materials to coordinate with your website and maintain consistent branding.