This list features a selection of keywords and phrases curated for compounding pharmacists to reference when crafting their content and blog articles. Keyword usage has extensive benefits via its ability to boost web traffic and increase SEO listings. Don’t forget to bookmark this resource and refer back often when writing online content for your pharmacy’s pages.


A Brief Understanding of Keywords & Why You Should Use Them

It is highly recommended that pharmacists make it a point to include popular keywords within their content as keyword usage will only continue to increase in importance with time. Per the Search Engine Journal, keywords can be single words to complex phrases. Using these researched terms and phrases helps increase your pharmacy’s website traffic organically.

Audiences will then use keywords to search for topics related to your pharmacy. If properly researched and effective keywords are in place on your pages, this will then trigger the search engines to enhance your online listings and connect your target audiences to your website.

Keywords can also work as a point of focus for your content a.k.a a “bullseye” to aim towards. This focus streamlines your information in a way that is better understood by search engines.





Compounding Specialties


Pain Management:










Palliative Care:





Sports Medicine:

Wound Care:





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