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UPGRADE Your Pharmacy’s Blog with These Key Tips

March 8, 2022


Every Pharmacy should have a blog that they actively update. Among a wide range of benefits, blogging:

  • enhances your website visitors’ experience by making your expertise more accessible and may even turn them into loyal patients.
  • is a cost-effective method of boosting your search rankings organically. 
  • and activates thought leadership within the pharmaceutical community.


Read on to unravel how your pharmacy can improve your approach to blogging TODAY and discover reliable topics that may help kickstart your blogging success!

Increase Value for Your Readers with:

Create Evergreen Content.

    • Per the Digital Marketing Institute, “evergreen content is search-optimized content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers over a long period of time..” Evergreen content is essential for any blog to include as its extended relevancy makes it a valuable resource that readers will continually turn to long past its publication date. 
    • Evergreen content for a pharmacy could look like general health tip lists or how-to articles.

Incorporate a Healthy Amount of Internal and External Linkage.

    • Linking to internal pages within your website is an almost guaranteed method of generating more website traffic. The key in doing this effectively is to ensure that your links are relevant and add true value to the discussion.
    • Speaking of added value, linking to reputable external sources and publications is an excellent way of boosting the validity of your content or argument. Not to mention, is a standard practice that top healthcare bloggers use to organically enhance their SEO rankings.

Include A Lot of Images/Videos 

    • Blogging 101: Keep your text clear, concise, and pack in the visuals! Keep things interesting by breaking up your text with relevant imagery that keeps your readers engaged.
    • Make note that providing your own original photos and videos is usually ideal depending on the type of content you are publishing. Although don’t feel pressured to always supply this, stock photos can work just as well! 

Use Relevant Keywords

    • One of the most effective and easiest ways to boost your rankings is to simply include a good mix of high-ranking keywords within your content.
    • Click here to read our Top Compounding Pharmacy Keywords post. – Consider bookmarking this page for reference whenever you are creating fresh content.


12 Gripping Blog Content Ideas

that Every Pharmacy Should Feature on Their Website:

  1. Frequently Ask Questions
  2. Answer the Questions Your Patients May Be Too Embarrassed to Ask
  3. Provide Downloadable Resources for Your Patients
  4. Educational Article on Trending Health Topics
  5. Share Information About One of Your Products or Services
  6. Create a List of Health Tips Based on the Current Season  
  7. Make an Instructional Resource for Patients that You Can Send Them or Link to in Your Newsletters
  8. Share a Demonstrational Video with a Description
  9. Show Your Support for a Current Health Awareness Holiday and Explain How You Can Help Those Struggling with Symptoms – Use this resource to discover when health holidays are occurring in 2022.
  10. Share a Patient Success Story
  11. Make a Checklist for Patients
  12. Bust a Common Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Myth


Even if you don’t implement every blogging tip listed above, simply focusing on being helpful and providing value to your audience can go a long way. Begin sharing your unique take on a variety of topics and you’ll become a valuable resource within your community in no time!


Thanks for reading!

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