Effective Print Marketing Materials In The Digital Age

We may live in a digital world, but there’s still immense value in traditional¬†marketing for compounding pharmacy. Storey Marketing can help effectively promote your brand and products, whether you need abridged informational materials or hard copy collateral to maintain your branding momentum.

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An ineffective compounding brochure can go from “marketing material overhead costs” to “recycling” quickly. However, when done right, these customized, traditional marketing pieces will resonate with your target audience and provide the ROI to fuel your bottom line.

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Consistent, high-value information keeps your patients and practitioners engaged with your brand. Keep them up to date with relevant healthcare industry advances, while also periodically informing them of your own new services or products with exclusive print or email newsletters.

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Detail Sheets

Practitioner detail sheets are the perfect go-to resource for marketing calls, mailers or distribution at a presentation. Break down your pertinent information and effectively deliver your data to the audience that wants it most with Storey Marketing.

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Clients are looking for quick facts, data and research. Don’t force them to dig! Deliver the information they’re looking for in an easily digestible Practitioner Booklet. These concise resources are available in high quality hard copies and easily sharable electronic versions.

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Health Columns

In a world full of opinions, those of healthcare professionals are still held in the highest regard. Flex your prowess, inform target audiences and spread your expertise among the masses with our Health Columns syndication services.

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Patient Handouts

Tangible patient education take-home materials allow you to effectively introduce new audiences to the latest services or stay top-of-mind even after your clients leave your office or facility.

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Map Tablets

The easiest way to get from A to B is a straight line, but that’s not always how the path from doctor’s office to pharmacy works. Paint the perfect logistical picture for doctors, non-compounders and patients with easy-to-follow map tablets.

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Compounding Pharmacy Print Marketing Experts

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