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Patient Focused

Health Columns

You’re a community health expert! Share your knowledge using weekly health columns in your local newspaper, community newsletters, and more! Most newspapers also offer the benefit of both print and online publication which will allow you to reach a larger readership. Many local publications are begging for contributors!

Health columns can also be showcased on your website via an attractive feed. We regularly update the feed, and it will automatically load to your site allowing visitors to view recent health columns.

Weekly health columns are available exclusively to one pharmacy in a demographic area to avoid print publication overlap.

$399/ year (56 articles), $239/6 months, or $119 / 3 months.

$599/ year for print and online subscriptions.

$399/ year (56 articles) for online access only.

Less than $8 per week for a newspaper or $12 per week for newspaper and website feed

Patient Handouts

Economically promote your services by regularly educating your patients about compounding, various disease states, and nutritional supplements. Patient handouts about specific therapies can be attached to your patients’ prescriptions. They can also be distributed in statements, your pharmacy, offices, health fairs, schools, conferences, etc.

Our format features a full-color photo or illustration on the front side, personalized with your pharmacy logo printed in full color, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, double-sided.

$25 one-time setup fee for first-time orders.







Shipping additional.

Patient Handout subscription is also available for in-house printing and distribution. We create a full color, 8 ½” x 11” PDF template with patient-directed content pertaining to compounding, a disease state, and/or nutritional supplement. A formatted PDF is emailed to you.

Template creation $100
Save 10% with annual purchase.

Bag clippers/Buck slips

Bag clippers (3 ½” x 8 ½”) can be customized to highlight your distinct services (consultations, supplements, etc.), compounding specialties, promote your new website. Content can discuss compounding, bio-identical HRT, classes/seminars, consultations, your website, and more. Buck clips can also be ordered as a monthly handout with a featured topic and/or promotion.

One-sided, full color:




Shipping additional.

Two-sided, full color:




Shipping additional.


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