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Scott W. Avatar
Scott W.
4/07/2022 - Google

Great team to work with! Very accommodating and responsive to urgent requests. Offers a variety of services and applications to suit even the most robust needs.

Monica Zatarski Avatar
Monica Z.

We have worked with Patti and her team for well over a decade and have had nothing but positive experiences. Within the year we switched over to Storey Marketing to redesign and manage our SEO of our website and we couldn’t be happier.

The Storey Marketing team offers the highest level of customer services and has always ensured that all my questions and concerns are well addressed. They also graciously provide hand holding as I am not very internet/web savvy. I am incredibly grateful to have them as part of my team – Thank you!

Brenda C. Avatar
Brenda C.
6/07/2019 - Google

Love it

Tom S. Avatar
Tom S.
6/07/2019 - Google

Last month Patti's article on the uses of Ketamine created such a great response here at austin compounding pharmacy. we had 12 new patients ask for more information and a referal to a doctor to prescribe the medication... Further I had 4 docs call and ask for more info and how to write for it. After 2 weeks we recieved 10 new patient prescriptions for the compound... more than paid for storey marketing fees FOR THE YEAR.. Storey Marketing is a no brainer for your business

John P. Avatar
John P.
6/07/2018 - Google

Storey marketing has done an excellent job of taking care of all my needs.

Sue H. Avatar
Sue H.
6/07/2018 - Google

We had Storey Marketing do our website and we have used various marketing materials over the years and they have done an AWESOME job! They are very professional and knowledgeable! I would highly recommend them!

John H. Avatar
John H.
6/07/2018 - Google

Great folks to work with. Unparalleled customer service

MARK N. Avatar
6/07/2018 - Google

Janet S. Avatar
Janet S.
3/19/2018 - Facebook

Well organized and easy to work with. Thank you for a beautiful banner!