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5 Keys to Increasing your Pharmacy’s Social Searchability

September 13, 2022

As social media marketing continues to evolve, pharmacies must make it a point to adapt and not get lost in the crowd.

Patients have increasingly become more reliant on using social platforms as a means of discovering potential solutions to their pain points.

If you own a pharmacy, it is important to understand that your audience is using social media beyond its networking capabilities. Social media is now approached as a resourceful search engine.

This is why we have compiled the following 5 tips to help your brand stay ahead of the curve and boost your social searchability in no time!


1. Optimize Social Profiles

Ensuring your social media profiles are fully optimized and complete is an essential first step in getting your pharmacy seen for who you truly are.

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, the accuracy of simple profile features such as your

  • pharmacy address
  • contact information
  • services
  • company info

can often be overlooked. As you revamp your profiles, take time to review these fields and edit accordingly if needed.

Making your profile as easy to search as possible should be your core goal, therefore:

  • use plenty of keywords in your description
  • make your username obvious to your pharmacy’s brand
  • inject profile content that is compelling enough to attract your ideal patient and/or practitioner.


Use this quick social media checklist to get started on the right path.

Social Media Checklist: Consistency in URLs and usernames across platforms. Properly sized, high-resolution logo for all of your profile images. Banners/cover photos provide the same look and feel, while relaying similar key messaging or services. Do your bios/about pages contain the same, correct, and up-to-date information? Are your services, products, and pricing consistent and accurate across the board? Are your pinned posts recent and still relevant to your brand messaging? Is your brand voice similar throughout all of your branded content? Are your hashtags relevant to your post content and brand as a whole?
Social Media Foundation Checklist


2. Publish Shareable/Savable Content

Raising within the search inquiry ranks can be a breeze for pharmacies that receive a lot of engagement on the posts they share.

How does one provoke more engagement on their social media posts? A great way to start is by publishing more shareable and savable content for your followers.

Shareable content can prompt your audience to put in the work for you when it comes to placing your pharmacy in front of similar audiences. According to Infographic World, “Most people want to share content that is useful or helpful to others, so the data must be valuable to the viewer and easily digested to be worthy of sharing.”

Savable content can often promote the same effect as shareable content but functions a bit differently. PhotoBug Community defines savable content as “…valuable content that your audience wants to see again. Savable content provides a purpose and answers questions your followers have and would like to reference again later.”

Shareable Content Examples: Informative Articles, Product Reviews, Videos. Savable Content Examples: Infographics, Helpful Lists, How-To Guides.
Sharable vs. Savable Content Examples.


3. Publish Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is search-optimized content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers over a long period of time (Digital Marketing Institute).

This form of content creation can be pivotal when trying to climb up the search engine rankings due to its long lifespan. Key audience groups can discover and refer back to evergreen content that is months, or maybe even more, old.

Evergreen content can share many of the same characteristics as shareable or savable content, but is most commonly created in the following formats:

Evergreen Content Examples: Blog Articles, Customer Testimonials, Tutorials, Checklists, Educational Resources.
Evergreen Content Examples.


4. Use Keywords in your Social Media Content Writing

Including keywords that speak to your pharmacy’s specialties and services not only increases your chances of appearing in front of the right audiences via search but can mean all the difference in making a good marketing strategy, a great one.

Per SEO Design Chicago, “keywords are the words or phrases that describe what a piece of content is about.” When potential patients are searching for solutions to their pain points, the words and phrases you include with your profile and post content play a major role in determining where your pharmacy appears in search listings.

If you are a little lost as to how to conduct your own keyword research for social media, take a look at this awesome guide from WordStream by LOCALiQ.


5. Share Video Content

Social search engines heavily favor and prioritize fresh, short-form video content.

Consistently uploading videos to your pages can be huge for boosting your searchability quickly and effectively. In a 2022 survey conducted by Wyzowl, it was uncovered that 86% of video marketers say video has been effective for generating leads and 87% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI.

These wildly significant statistics prove just how advantageous video marketing on social media can be.

Stumped on where to start? Here are 15 video ideas that your business can start producing today!

Video Marketing Ideas for Pharamcies: Pharmacy Tour, Team Member Spotlight, Pharmacy Mission, Origin Story, Compounding Demonstration, Behind the Scenes, Education on a Relevant Topic, Show how you support your community, share a patient success story, discuss how you are a solution to a patient problem, create a tutorial for one of your products, answer a common question, a day in the life at your pharmacy, debunk a common myth within your industry, share your take on the latest video trend
Video Marketing Ideas for Pharmacies


Make your patients aware that your pharmacy is the prime solution to their pain points when you boost your searchability factor on social media.

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Thanks for reading!

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