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Email Marketing Strategy for Pharmacies

December 17, 2021


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As a Pharmacist, being able to build strong relationships with patients and practitioners is an essential component to your success. Keeping your audience enthralled can be a difficult task.

This is where email marketing comes to the rescue.

Email Marketing for Pharmacies Key Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Easily Personalized
  • Great for Collecting Data and Feedback, Measurable
  • Generates Traffic to Website/Socials
  • Boosts Relationship with Your Audience
  • Targeted
  • Consistent Brand Placement
  • Reputation Booster
  • Thought Leadership Tool


Haven’t adopted a consistent email newsletter plan for your pharmacy? Well, now is your ideal time to start!

Per a recent HubSpot Research study, it was discovered that email marketing within the Health and Pharmaceutical industry saw a significant increase in open rates at 21%. This percentage is only projected to grow in the coming years. It was also discovered that email was the top form of Pharmacist-to-Practitioner communications.

With this in mind, email marketing is an absolute no-brainer. We do, however, recognize the overwhelm that can arise when trying to navigate a successful email marketing strategy. This brings us to our 5 step email marketing for pharmacies strategy! Let’s get started.


Get in Touch with Who You Are Speaking To

The first building block to a great email marketing strategy is to identify your key audience groups. When deciding your route of action at each strategic point, consider how these choices may affect your audience.

As a Pharmacist, your audience may consist mainly of:

  • Current or Potential Patient Base
  • Colleagues
  • Practitioners
  • Veterinarians
  • Pet Owners
  • Dental Professionals


Effectively analyzing your audience for the best outcomes may entail dividing your audience into clear groups. Try assembling an email list for each audience segment. This method of organization allows you to be more precise in your messaging and ultimately resonate on a much higher and personalized level.

Segmenting Benefits:

  • work to generate ROI
  • increases your open rates and engagement
  • helps ease content decision making



How Often You Should Send Emails

Next, you will want to establish how often you intend on sending emails.

Send frequency is completely unique to everyone, although, consistency is everything! We recognize that finding balance in managing your time can be hard to uncover. This is what makes the initial decision on frequency so valuable!

Whether you send a newsletter once a week, or even once a month, what matters most is that you hold yourself accountable. Routinely showing up in mailboxes can strengthen your brand awareness, establish thought leadership, and boost authority within your areas of specialty.

Note that it can be harmful to your strategy to send emails too frequently, as this is one of the leading causes for unsubscribes. Your patients may want to hear from you more often than practitioners, or vise versa. Begin by deciding an approach based on your best judgment, and adapt from there.


To learn more about how often you should be emailing, visit this great article featured on the Keap blog that details How Often Should You Send Email Marketing Campaigns.



Organizing Your Upcoming Content the Right way

Keeping up with the demand of providing fresh ideas can be challenging. This is where content planning will be your hero and lifeline in your email marketing strategy.

Our favorite method of content organization is using a content calendar! Content calendars are easy-to-use content management systems that can boost your content creation efficiency. Most individuals who have adopted the content calendar system into their strategy would probably agree that pushing out relevant, well-thought-out content is far less stressful when considered ahead of time.

For your convenience, we have assembled a simple email marketing content calendar template for 2022! This calendar can work as a moldable base for your content planning needs and can be adjusted to suit your specific workflow.

Click Here to Download Your FREE Email Marketing Content Calendar Template!


Don’t Overcomplicate the Process

The fourth step in your new email marketing strategy is to consider pre-assembling templates for your emails.

This practice can be a massive time-saver, providing you with more energy to pour into the real star of the show, your copy.  Simply plug in your content when it’s time to deliver.

Time management tactics such as this can make a significant difference in the level of quality you distribute to your readers.

When planning your templates ahead of time, you may avoid:

  • overwhelm/burnout
  • falling behind in your content schedule
  • distributing less than appealing work
  • losing the personal touch of your pharmacy in the haste of things


Top Tips for Designing Email Structure:

To form an attractive-looking email, you simply need to be mindful of a few key points when assembling your final product.

  • Less is Often More
    • Avoid overcomplicating the look of your emails. Keep them simple and easy to read!


  • Hierarchy Method
    • Layout the elements of your email from most to least important.


  • Use Relevant Images
    • Break up your content with eye-catching imagery. Your images should contain quality resolutions and appropriate file sizing. Additionally, be mindful of including representative visuals that not only display your professionalism and expertise but are also pertinent to the core topic.


  • Include Your Branding
    • Keep your brand alive within your newsletters by incorporating your brand’s colors, fonts, logos, etc.


  • Connect Elsewhere
    • Drive traffic to your website, social profiles, or prompt readers to follow a link to your online store. Providing special deals or offers can also be a great method of persuading your audience to take action.


  • Provide Sources
    • Add your researched sources at the end of your work for a credibility boost.


Find Success in Evolution and Learning

The final step in your email marketing strategy is to reflect and review how your content was received. Continuously evolving your strategetic approach based on data is perhaps the best way to reach your goals sooner rather than later.

Many email marketing tools automatically collect this data for you, making this process simple and time-efficient.

Storey Marketing is a Business Partner of Constant Contact and can assist you with account creation and offer you an introductory discount! Constant Contact offers all the tools you need for your email marketing automation needs. This recommendation stems largely from their great deliverability rates, analytic feedback, social media integration, and more!

After having gathered some data, your main metrics of consideration should be:

  • Email Open Rate
  • Email Click-Through Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Spam Reports
  • Unsubscribes
  • Bounce Rate
  • Link Click-Throughs
  • E-Commerce: Purchases, Add-to-Carts, Etc.
  • and Website Traffic

To learn more about the email marketing terms listed here, view this Facebook post!

The biggest takeaway from this step should be that adapting to what your patients/practitioners respond best to is crucial in not only growing a successful strategy but also maintaining one.


Ready to Dominate the World of Email Marketing?

We know you have the knowledge, skill, and ability to deliver meaningful content, it’s simply a matter of you taking the next steps towards success. Take these ideas and make them your own!


Looking for some ways to build your email list? Click here to read our blog post on LinkedIn Tools & Tips that can help you achieve this! 


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